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American kids eat Filipino food
American kids eat Filipino food

More exotic food from Philippines

  • Butete Tugak from Pampanga – deep-fried frogs stuffed with ground pork. ...

  • Abuos in Ilocos – a delicacy in Ilocos made of ant egg, usually served as adobo, sauteed with garlic, or eaten raw.

  • Adobong kamaru in Pampanga – mole crickets served as adobo or deep-fried

  • Ginataang kuhol – native escargo snail cooked in coconut milk.

  • Evenings would never be complete without hearing some vendor calling out “baloooooooot!”. Some vendors walk, others would be in their bicycles. But did you ever try to buy one? If you haven’t and you’re wondering what it is, then it’s a duck egg. To be more specific, it’s a developed duck egg, which of course means that there’s a little baby duck inside it. It’s very popular among the locals. It has this bit of broth that has a distinct taste, and some egg yolk and hardened albumen. Some would put vinegar in it, others would just put a bit of salt.

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