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Tokyo Lolita Experience! 《10% Special Discount》
Tokyo Lolita Experience! 《10% Special Discount》

Enjoy the Japanese "Kawaii culture" in Harajuku. Cosplay (Dress up) as a cute Lolita!

With brand new outfits every season, wigs, stick on eyelashes and professional hair/makeup artists, you can transform into a completely new you!Capture you new Lolita self in our little fairy-tale themed studio with our professional camera man.

Tour Plans

Lolita Experience

Minimum Number of Participants:1

Departure City:Tokyo(JAPAN)

Tour Operator: Tokyo Tourist Information Center

*This activity is held in Laforet Harajuku Shopping Center in Harajuku, Tokyo.

*Please input preferred start time between 11:00AM to 20:00PM using 20 minute intervals.Ex)11:00, 11:20, 11:40, 12:00, 12:20, 12:40.

The preferred starting time will be the time that your activity is booked.

Please ensure that you are able to arrive before the starting time.

After your reservation is successfully made, we will email you further information (specific location etc).


** Please LIKE post if Interested.

** Please Comment if you have a question.

**PLEASE contact harvestnet@pucchio.com for reservation.

Please quote the Tour ID or this post URL





  • Price per person

  • TYO0420P21C01

  • Adult (age+13) : JPY 9,800





Child Policy

Not Allowed

Tour Date



Meal Not Included

Time of Day

All Day


Not included

Guide Language

Japanese and limited English



Choose a costume


Change cloth


Make up


At studio


Photo taken (3 photos)


Tour ends

Cancellation Policy

5day(s) before tour date

  50 % of total

After tour date

100 % of total


1.Must be 13 or older to participate

2.The make up available at the store is generally fit for regular skin types. Anyone with sensitive or special skin conditions are advised to bring their own make up. As heavy make up will be applied for photoshoot, we DO provide make up remover. We will not be able to redo any make up after the shoot, customers are advised to bring their own set of make up should they want to reapply post shoot.

3.Please bring a piece of white or skin colored half-sleeve under-clothing. There may be some see-through/revealing outfits depending on the design. If it's not possible to bring their own, the store offers rentals for 200yen (without tax). We ask for you understanding and cooperation.

4.Optional Rentals: Wigs 1500yen Stick-on eyelashes: 500yen Under-clothing: 200yen.

5.Extra photos and other plans can be paid for directly at salon Let us know if you wanna be our local host for this experience。

If you wanna be our local guide如果您要成为我们地陪, fill up form 填写以下表格 here

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