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List of Night Markets in Taipei. Showcase on Longshan temple and Shilin night market
List of Night Markets in Taipei. Showcase on Longshan temple and Shilin night market

Taipei Night Markets: A Complete Guide 臺北夜市

Night Markets are a fixture in Taiwan and Taipei doesn't disappoint. Most are open nightly and offer a variety of fresh Taiwanese snacks, clothing, or fun accessories.  Some markets are busy normal city streets during the day that transform to bustling markets in the evening. Others are established locations that are closed during the day but open in the evening. Night markets usually start up at dusk and continue until about midnight. Taiwanese night markets are a Taiwanese experience that is not to be missed.


Taipei Night Market Articles:

Raohe Night Market   /   Ning Xia Night Market   /   Shilin Night Market   /   Shen Keng Tofu Street (day market)


Taipei Raohe Night Market 饒河夜市‚






Raohe is Taipei's oldest night market in the heart of downtown Taipei. The section of street is only 600 meters long. The Song Shan Fu De Temple (Land God temple) sits at one opening of the street which represents one end of the market.  Raohe is predominantly food. There is a seating area in the center of the street while shoppers walk in each direction along the sides. It's not a huge market, but it has an old style charm.  More and more tourists are finding this market and it's not uncommon to see some kind of food show crew filming something. It's still a great market to visit.


Getting There:MRT to Song Shan Station. Walk out at Exit #5 and take a right to the temple.


Website: www.raohe.com.tw



Ningxia Night Market 寧夏夜市‚




Getting There: The market is located on Ningxia Rd. between Nanjing W. Rd. and Mingshen W. Rd, Taipei City. You can get to the Ning Xia Night Market from the Zhong Shan and Shuang Lian MRT stops. Head out and walk west. Read our FULL WRITE UP for more information.


Ningxia Night Market (寧夏夜市) is located in the heart of downtown Taipei on Ningxia Rd. between Nanjing W. Rd. and Mingshen W. Rd. It's a very busy, traditional street night market much like many that existed across Taiwan 20 or more years ago. It's well worth the visit if you're looking for a variety of Taiwanese snacks and entertainment.


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Taipei Shi Lin Night Market 士林夜市‚


taipei shilin night market





This is Taipei's largest and most famous night market and it's just opposite the red line Jian Tan MRT stop. The market has gone through many locations in the past years. Back in the day, it was a long windy street full of vendors. As the area grew, the market consolidated into an open aired covered area with a grid design.


In 2011, the market moved again to its current underground location.  Although it doesn't have the feel of the open air market, the market is as busy as ever with locals and tourists. It's a big place and you'll need to make a run through before deciding on what to eat. Above ground, are lines of clothing stalls and more food alleys. The market opens at 4:00pm and goes late into the night. Unlike other markets, you'll find plenty of English and Japanese menus.


Getting There: Take the Red line to Jiantan station (just 1 stop from Shilin), walk across the street in front of the station and follow the crowds. Shilin market has a main underground section accessed primarily off Jihe Rd. Read the full writeup on Shilin market here.



Taipei Tonghua Night Market 通化街夜市,


The Taipei Tonghua Night Market is a busy nightly market located a short walking distance from Taipei 101. Tonghua Street is lined with many stalls serving up almost any kind of Taipei night market cuisine. There are a few intersecting alleys that are also lined with clothing and food stalls. This market has a more local Taipei feel and you won't find as many tourists here compared to Raohe and Shilin. It's worth a visit.


Address: 臺北市大安區臨江街(通化街至基隆路) - Tonghua Street and Li Jiang Street intersection


Getting There:  Take the MRT Red Line to the Xinyi Anhe stop. Walk out Exit 4 and walk one block (towards Taipei 101) to Tonghua Street and the night market.



Taipei Shida Night Market 師大路夜市‚


This night market is not on Shi Da Road, but actually on the alleys running along it. As in other night markets around the city you'll find a lot of small shops and restaurants for tasting local snacks and traditional food. However, because of the Taiwan and foreign student population, there are more clothing and accessory stands and boutiques. You'll also find some great western food and coffee shops here.


Address: 台北市師大路  Shi Da Road, Taipei City


Getting There:Take the MRT Green line to the Taipower Building Station


Liaoning Street Night Market 遼寧街夜市‚


Both sides of Liaoning Street are lined with seafood restaurants that open to the street. Seafood is the focus here and you can simply pick what you want to eat and have it cooked fresh on the spot. A few of the specialties of this market include grilled seafood, oyster omelets, and goose meat with rice.  This market has been around a while and is gaining in popularity.


Address: 台北市遼寧街 —  Liaoning Street, Taipei City


Getting There:Take the MRT Brown line to the Nanjing East Road Station. Walk 5 minutes south on Fu Xing North Road and then take a right at Zhu Lun Street.



Shuang Cheng Street Night Market  雙成街夜市‚


The Shuang Cheng Night Market is located on Shuangcheng St. in the Zhongshan District. The market is over 40 years old and has vast choices of “famous” food from vendors that have actually been around that long. These foods have won many awards and often appear on Taiwanese food and variety shows. This market has many stands/shops that are open day and night, so visitors can always find something delicious to sample.


Address: 臺北市雙城街 —  Shuang Cheng Street Lane13


Getting There: You can either take the MRT Orange line to Zhong Shan Elementary School Station, walk North on Linsen Rd. to Shuang Cheng R. and head west for one block and take a left on Shuang Cheng Street, or if you're coming from the Red line, get off at Ming Chuan W. Rd. station, head East to Zhongshan N. Rd, head North 2 blocks and then you'll see Shuang Cheng St., take a right. The market is just up about 100 meters on the right.



Huaxi Night Market, a.k.a. Snake Alley 華西街夜市‚


The Huaxi Street Night Market has been open for over 50 years. It was once the largest night market in Taipei in the bustling southern section of the city. Nowadays, the city population has moved to other parts of town, but this market is well visited. It also is within walking distance to both the Guangzhou and Wuzhou night markets. Because of these three markets, the area is very bustling at night.


The Huaxi market is mostly a covered market area. There are many foods, but this market is famous for its food made with Chinese herbs and medicine. The food can make you feel a bit energetic and is good for your health. In addition, the most famous foods here are made from snake and turtle. You'll be able to walk the market and see these animals caged up until they are ordered.


This market also has plenty of fresh seafood and is famous for the Tainan Dan-dan noodles. If you're a rice porridge fan, the Huaxi night market won't disappoint. Also, check out the Monga Qingshan temple nearby. It's a famous landmark of this old area of Taipei.


Address: 臺北市華西街 — Hwaxi Rd., Taipei


Getting There:Take the Blue Line to Long Shan Temple and walk 5 minutes.



GuangZhou Street Night Market and WuZhou Street Night Market 廣州街夜市 & 梧州街夜市‚


Address: 臺北市廣州街 or 臺北市梧州街


Getting There:Take the Blue Line to Long Shan Temple and walk 5 minutes.


The GuangZhou and WuZhou night markets are within a block of each other and two streets over from the Huaxi Night Market. Both these markets are traditional style night markets with stands of food and clothing lining the sides of the street. On weekends, this entire area is lively and smells great. There's a lot to see and eat so bring a hearty appetite.


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