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Fukubukuro(福袋)Lucky Bags of Japan
Fukubukuro(福袋)Lucky Bags of Japan

In Japan, almost all stores sell it during New Year festive season especially fashion brands and consumer goods. Fukubukuro simply means "lucky bag" and it includes many products that the company is giving you in a bag that is much lower than the total cost if they sell individually. For example, you can buy a USD50 bag and find the contents are worth USD150! The only down side to it is that you can not see the contents before buying it, but that is what surprises are for. 

Here are some fukubukuro round up for 2017 that we curated from shoppers sharing in RocketNews24 Japan.

The premium Belgian chocolatier brings us quality over quantity with their $46 fukubukuro.

Godiva has a huge following of loyal chocolate lovers in Japan, but given the high price of their goods, it’s not an indulgence people can afford to enjoy every day. When it comes to New Year’s, the season of splurging in Japan, the company brings out their annual fukubukuro, and despite the fact that it costs a whopping 5,400 yen (US$45.85), the lucky bag is always a hit with customers.

After calculating the cost of all the items inside, we were happy to find out that this would’ve normally set us back about 7,000 yen, meaning we’d saved almost 2,000 yen.

Mr. Sato decided to try his luck at the GAP store, and he was so excited by what he found that he couldn’t wait to share his treasure with the reporters who were diligently working in the office over New Year.

According to Mr. Sato, when he arrived at GAP, there wasn’t a lucky bag in sight. That’s because they were inviting customers to create their own special fukubukuro by giving them two hours to select items from the racks and shelves in-store. Customers could either select five items for 5,000 yen (US$42.30) or 12 items for 10,000 yen. 

How many goods and doughnuts can you get in a lucky bag for less than ten bucks? Come with us as we find out!

When fukubukuro season rolls around each year, Mister Donut is one of the first in line to release their New Year’s lucky bags, with sales starting on 26 December. This year was no different, so we got in quick to make sure we didn’t miss out on one of the most affordable fukubukuro on the market. With a 1,080 yen (US$9.20) and 2,160 yen bag to choose from, we chose the cheaper of the two and despite the low price point, we were more than happy with what we found inside!

Like many of the food-based lucky bags, this fukubukuro makes up its value straight away with the discounted coupons included inside. This one contained a card that could be exchanged for 10 free doughnuts or pies, up to a retail price of 172 yen each, meaning this was already worth 1,720 yen in value.

The Body Shop, a world-renowned skin care and cosmetics company owned by L’Oréal, has more than 2,000 stores in 61 countries. Here in Japan, customers are enticed by the company’s range of fragrant creams and soaps to such an extent that they’re able to create their own personalised “fukubukuro” lucky bags at the beginning of the New Year.

This year’s bags come in three different sizes: small, medium and large, which refer to the size of the products they contain. We stopped by to pick up the smallest option, priced at 3,500 yen (US$29.67).

Purchasing lucky bags can often be a gamble, as the contents sometimes differ from bag to bag. While it’s considered to be all part of the fun, sometimes it’s nice to know exactly what you’ll be getting in exchange for your yen, especially when it comes to something as personal as a favourite fragrance. At The Body Shop, customers can rest assured that they’ll be happy with what they get, seeing as they’ll be the ones choosing the actual products that go into the bag itself.

Fans of the acclaimed anime studio are swooning over this bag full of cute Ghibli merchandise that costs just 25 bucks!

Out of all the fukubukuro “lucky bags” released on New Year’s Day, one of the most popular comes from a chain of stores called “Donguri Kyowakoku“, (“Acorn Republic”), which sells nothing but Studio Ghibli items. After the thrill of snaring last year’s lucky bag, we were keen to get our hand on this year’s release, and at a cost of 3,000 yen (US$25.67), we knew we’d be happy with whatever type of merchandise came inside!

This is one lucky bag that both children and adults will fall in love with! Cute and practical at the same time, the Donguri Kyowakoku fukubukuro is always a great investment, and for 3,000 yen it’s one of the best ways to fill up on Studio Ghibli products to keep you going until their next lucky bag release the following year! 

For those visiting Japan, take time to treasure hunt for these value for money fukubukuro. I did this everytime I am there during New Year time. I bought my first fukubukuro in Shibuya 109. The excitement more than 10 years ago lasted till now! 

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