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纽西兰购买.Shopping in New Zealand for You!
纽西兰购买.Shopping in New Zealand for You!

Our friendly Malaysian, Chang Le who is staying in New Zealand is more than happy to help you do purchases in  her current NZ home. Find out more products here. She will be back to Malaysia and can help to buy for anyone. Limited space..For future purchases will add-on delivery charges 

由于本人1月 即将会从纽西兰回Malaysia,所以可以顺势把好康带给大家.  所有的产品我都会亲自去各大药房,超市和当地专卖店购买. 可以保证商品是100% NZ 原装进口...请放心购买.*由于行李容量额有限,所以先汇款保留. 一旦额满,我们将会停止接单.

有别的产品需要代购的话可以 Email: pucchioteam@gmail.com

Honey sticks beeswax crayons 12 colours (HSB1)


Pro-life Bilberry Chew Forestberry (PLBC)

240 tablets 

Junior contains bilberry, a relative of the blueberry, which has been renowned for its eye health and vision support. It is a rich source of powerful antioxidants that help protect the body against potential free radical damage. 

This superfruit also helps maintain healthy capillaries and blood circulation. Made with real bilberry fruit, this bilberry chew is a great tasting and convenient supplement for growing children to help support normal vision.


羊胎素面霜 100g




爸爸去哪儿 2 宝贝们都大爱的蜂蜜! (HPP)

女人不老的秘密 【Swisse grape seed 】 (SGS)

180 tablets (3months supply ) 

Anything else can be directed to us via email as well. We shall try get the best product and price. Surcharge for shopping and delivery costs will be applicable.

In email please state:

Name, WhatsApp contatct, Product Code, Quantity, Size. If For new products ie Not in our list: Description(Brand or Usage), Price (if you have a price range)

If you wanna be our travel buyer or local guide如果您要成为我们购买或地陪, fill up form 填写以下表格 here

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