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Pre-loved Designer Bags and Accessories from Japan
Pre-loved Designer Bags and Accessories from Japan

Here are a few pre-loved designer products that we can help buy with a USD20 fee per item (excluding handling and logistics fee. To be quoted based on your location)

M60603 Grade: 中古品A 19cm × 10cm × 3cm

JAUNE PALE / SILVER金具 銀座店 Current Price: 49,980円 Original RRP: 95,040円

M61374 Grade: 中古品A 19cm × 10cm × 2cm

ROSE NACRE / SILVER金具 銀座店 Current Price: 84,980円 Original RRP: 101,520円 

M60529 Grade: 中古品A 19cm × 10cm × 3cm

MIMOSA / SILVER金具 新宿店 Current Price: 69,980円  Original RRP: 95,040円

M93026 Grade: 中古品B 19.5cm × 10.5cm × 2.5cm

WHITE / GOLD金具 名古屋店 Current Price: 36,980円 Original RRP: N/A

N60019 Grade: 中古品A 19.5cm × 10.5cm × 2cm

AZUR / GOLD金具 銀座店 Current Price: 69,980円 Original RRP: 90,720円

M90087 Grade: 中古品B 19cm × 10.5cm × 2.5cm

ROSE INDIEN / GOLD金具 名古屋店 Best Buy 59,980円  Original RRP:127,440円. 


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