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Visit Nagoya
Visit Nagoya

Tanabata Festival Experience in Nagoya

Take part in Nagoya's Endoji Shopping Arcade Tanabata Festival in July and enjoy a delicious dinner with a complimentary beer at Nishiasahi cafe inside Endoji! Help prepare festival decorations, join a Endoji Shotengai tour, and make some new friends.

Please note: This seasonal tour runs annually in July. The dates are subject to change.


  • Explore the local streets on a walking tour of the city

  • Dinner included

  • Led by a local guide

  • Seasonal Offer

The Endoji Shotengai Shopping arcade is the oldest shopping street in Nagoya. It hosts an annual Tanabata Festival. It is located about 10 minutes walking from both the Nagoya Station and the Nagoya Castle. 

During the 2017 Endoji Shotengai's Tanabata Festival which will be held from the 28th of July, guests can help finalize the Nishiasahi's haribote (the big ornament hung on the ceiling of the roof of the street) and if you can stay until late, you can also help hang up the pretty streamers under the roof on the night before the festival starts. For the tour, you will arrive at the Endoji Shoutengai and go to Nishiasahi in the afternoon. You will also have some additional programs and meal service for this tour.


5pm - Endoji Shotengai guided tour (1.5 hours) with a professional English-speaking guide

7pm - Dinner and beer at Nishiasahi

8pm - Help finalize the Haribote work (Tanabata festival decorations)

10pm - Optional hanging of the streamers

*Please note: the itinerary times are flexible. Book now

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