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Cool Family Friendly Trips in Europe
Cool Family Friendly Trips in Europe

Colosseum for Kids and Families Private Tour

The whole tour is structured as a visit to a game: the guide will have a fantastic Magic Book with a series of exclusive visual aids: reproductions of the Colosseum, the palace of Domitian on Palatine Hill, the Roman Senate or the Temple of Vesta in the Roman Forum.

Reproductions pop up with thumbnails of characters like gladiators, the twins Romulus and Remus, Julius Caesar, the senators, the Emperor and the Empress. Each of these elements will be easily recognizable after the guide has them presented in more detail with simple language appropriate for the age of the children in the group. At each stage there will be an initial explanation of the place and the people who were there, then the animated characters that usually occupied that building or place will be introduced. This visit-game aims to bring the kids to the ancient history of the city of Rome by analysing the most outstanding aspects of everyday life and fun of the ancient Romans.

The interactive nature of the visit will also be the means by which the young explorers will be able to understand and memorize everything that is told. The media usage is designed to give visual aids to the kids, allowing them to assimilate information regarding history, religion, politics and Roman architecture thanks to those images fixed in the mind. The tour begins in the Colosseum: first of all the guide will find a spot before going actually inside where the kids could sit in a circle (like around a teacher at school) and she/he could introduce the “Magic Book” and how it works and explain a bit about what they are going to see before going inside. Once inside it goes on with an explanation and visit of the entire monument: from the history of the building to the shows with gladiators and animals that were kept inside, with particular attention, given the type of visit, to the aspect which is certainly the best known and loved by kids. Find out more

Montmartre Private Family Tour

This is a Private walking tour to experience the authentic Parisian atmosphere across the Montmartre district that has preserved until the early Twentieth Century its original appearance as a village.

Montmartre village has been the favourite place for Impressionist such as Renoir, Picasso, Toulouse-Lautrec and many other artists who lived there. The tour goes through the district up to the Basilica of the Sacred Heart.

This tour is suitable only for private group, composed from a single family and not from many families together.

Children will discover the history and curiosities related to the city and the Montmartre district; look with interested eyes in the city and its monuments; experience the atmosphere of the place and learn customs and traditions.

Adults will dive into Montmartre architecture, artists techniques and new forms of expression used by contemporary artists. This private tour is the ideal way to interact with children in a sharing learning context. Find out more.

Family Tour: Essential Lisbon

This is a classic family tour of Lisbon - a perfect general tour to introduce you and your family to the historical sights, the best views and the main attractions of the city center. Around Baixa, Chiado, Bica and Bairro Alto, you are invited to discover some of the city symbols and the most relevant peculiarities of Lisbon and its history. This is one of the most popular tours for first-time family visitors to Lisbon.

First time family visitors to Lisbon? Then this is the perfect walking tour for you. You'll be introduced to the most important sights of the city center and invite you and your family to discover some hidden treasures. Did you know that Portugal had a revolution named after a flower? How long since we are not ruled by kings and queens? What architectural reminders have the Romans and the Moors left us? 

In a fun way, you and your kids will get to know the neighborhoods of Baixa, Bica, Bairro Alto and Chiado while walking through the various districts. Hear some of the fascinating stories that are being told about Lisbon and its inhabitants, the ‘alfacinhas’ (little lettuce heads, as they are called). Learn about the most important symbols of the city and biggest events in Lisbon’s history: the conquest of the city, the Discoveries, the big earthquake, 'Carnation Revolution', and the ones that have contributed to build the city which exists today. Your guide will also talk about the typical cobbled stone pavement and the ceramic tiles in a fun and engaging way.

In this tour, you'll be on-foot traveling through the city center, climbing and descending hills and taking a ride on a traditional elevator (Bica elevator) Find out more.

Dragon Family Tour in Barcelona

Barcelona is full of dragons watching from the gargoyles of the old buildings. More than a thousand of them are hiding in the facades, the streets and the squares of the city. There are many types of dragons: wild, magical, fantastical, etc. Also other questions will be answered on this interactive tour. Children play the leading role in this adventure and take part in it at all times. You guide wants to awaken their imagination, mainly by stimulating their five senses, so they have the chance to wonder and fulfill their need to explore, perceive and understand the world.

You will become investigators and follow a scavenger hunt to find them and the legends hiding behind the dragons of Barcelona. You come into contact with the different cultural attitudes towards dragons: to the occidental they are evil, but to the oriental, they are kind and protective.

At the end of the tour you’ll be able to distinguish the main features of the different kinds of dragons: the Asian, the prehistoric, the European, the marine, the forest and the mountain dragons. Find out more.

Treasure Hunt in Florence for Families

There is no better way than learning having fun. Kids and adults will enjoy this treasure hunt in Florence customized for families with young children age 6 to 17. 

The game will last about 2 hours and participants will discover the history of Florence as well as its main characters, works of art and buildings looking for animals, images, names and symbols which make this city unique. This is a gift for them and for you as they will go back home with wonderful memories.

Meeting point will be in a central spot of the city and here you will start the treasure hunt with quizzes about the images, works of art and building of Florence that will impress your children mind with images of the city.

The guide will also explain the things that children will find in a fun way with fun and intriguing histories to entertain the kids and adults with hidden symbols, images and animals.

The places involved in the treasure hunt will be Piazza Signoria, The Duomo, the Ponte Vecchio and Palazzo Pitti and everything will be outdoor.

Children will win prizes every time they guess a quiz and there will be a final prize for everybody at the end of the tour. Find out more.

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